136 W. 118th St. #2
New York, NY 10026
212 666 2175

Open by appointment.

Eric Veit

September 30th - November 4th

It’s been said that 3 is preferable to 4—odd numbers diffuse our comparative impulse—but here we begin with an unforgiving symmetry. A numerical logic stacks like a well-tempered nesting doll: one show, two “parts” to each work, four works, 8 parts total. Each work is a weathered 2x4 displaying two elements in carved pockets on either extremity. They appear as a quartet of glittering outstretched hands, or an assortment of levels.

Each six-foot span might be seen as articulating a conjunction: this and that, whereby each element is one half of a whole pulled perpetually apart, held literally at arm’s length. Value accrues here in a distended arithmetic of discrete elements. But there is another grammar at play: this versus that. The elements fall prey to a combative contingency. Thesis and antithesis, composed in deadlock.

-Josephine Graf

Eric Veit is based in New York. Recent exhibitions include Exo Exo, Paris; Jack Hanley, New York; Tomorrow, New York; Plaza Mercado, Santa Fe; Signal, New York; Parisian Laundry, Montreal; SpazioA, Pistoia; Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia. He is the founder and director of Bodega, a gallery in New York.